• Food, that is simple and honest

    Eating healthy doesn't need to be expensive or difficult. The objective has been clear and grounded, we will continue serving simple and honest food which can be recreated by anyone and everyone.

    Try अन्नकूट Apple & Honey
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Our Story

अन्नDefined was created at the intersection between nutrition and taste of the forgotten Indian diet, and love and care of the authentic Indian culture.अन्नDefined brings to you a series of modern-day snacks, which are a blend of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients born out of ancestral wisdom and contemporary experimentation. 


Nothing New – Just Forgotten

अन्नDefined is an effort to create a community that promotes learning about and reviving the food heritage of India. The products offered by अन्नDefined, are a mix of scientific knowledge and ancestral knowledge.

अन्नDefined was born out of the realisation that the ingredients and recipes that we had been using were not new - only forgotten.

Minimal Processing, Maximum Health


अन्नDefined uses recipes that are a blend of locally sourced and seasonal ingredients and turns them into contemporary modern-day dishes.